20 Best Toys/Gadgets for Techie Kids

Tech by Joey Paur

I don't know about the rest of you who have kids, but my kids are all into technology these days. My 3-year-old little girl already knows her way around my Apple computer, and can operate an iPhone and an iPad with no problems at all. I didn't have the luxury of growing up with this awesome technology, but our kids will. 

Online colleges and universities have released a list of 20 cool toys for techie kids like mine. There are some great products here for kids, and thanks to this list I have the next two years of birthdays and Christmas's taken care of. The question is will they stop playing with the iPhone and iPad to play with these tech toys? Probably not.

Check out the products below and tell us what you think!

  1. Guitar shirt: This shirt comes with an electronic guitar built right into the shirt for playing on the go.
  2. VTech InnoPad: The InnoPad offers an interactive way for kids to play with characters and more.
  3. Hot Wheels Video Racer: Kids can capture video from under the belly of their matchbox car with this toy. Kids can even edit video on their computer with child-friendly editing software.
  4. Matryoshkus Nero: Kids can learn about the right sequence of data space with these Russian nesting dolls.
  5. Boogie Board Paperless LCD Writing Tablt: The Boogie Board tablet is an LCD writing tablet that can go anywhere, and it's an environmental alternative to paper.
  6. Star Wars Force Trainer: Using this headset and training remote, kids can go through 15 levels of training.
  7. Fisher Price Kid-Tough Digital Camera: Fisher Price's kid-friendly camera has controls that are simple and easy to understand, and a preview screen that lets kids see the photos they've taken.
  8. Baby iCan Play Case: If you have a kid that loves your iPhone, use this cake to keep it safe and kid-friendly.
  9. Scrabble Flash Cubes: Challenge your child's mind with this electronic version of the classic Scrabble game.
  10. Xbox Kinect: Using the Kinect, kids can be the controller and get active.
  11. T3 Multifunctional Transforming Solar Robot: This mobile kit offers kids a robot that runs on sun power.
  12. Nintendo 3Ds: Kids can enjoy 3D graphics in their games using the Nintendo 3Ds.
  13. iMote: The iMote is a kid friendly remote control that allows kids to change the channel. They can program and flip to their 5 favorite channels, and logo stickers are available for easy identification.
  14. iXL Learning System: The iXL is a digital learning device with games, fun activities, and more.
  15. Loopz: Using Loopz, kids can develop their memory and get moving at the same time.
  16. Puppy Tweets: Put this tag on your dog and find out what he's up to while you're away through Twitter.
  17. LEGO Mindstorms: LEGO's Mindstorms takes the classic toy a step further, allowing kids to make amazing creations, even robots!
  18. Firefly glowPhone: Parents and kids can stay in touch using this cell phone for kids. It can store up to 50 preprogrammed numbers that kids can call.
  19. Spy Net: Secret Mission Video Watch: Record and play back video, audio, and photos, capture evidence, and more, all secretly with this watch.
  20. V Tech Text and Chat Walkie Talkies: Play games and talk amongst friends using these walkie talkies with text messages, cards, and more.
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