Arnold Schwarzenegger Returns to THE TERMINATOR Franchise!

Wow! This is a surprise! I thought Arnold Schwarzenegger was going to move on and away from films like this. He said in a previous interview he was looking at films that would suit more his age. I guess not anymore, the actor is attached to a new film package that will revive The Terminator franchise in which he will star.

Of course the actor is looking recapture his glory days. Maybe Schwarzenegger isn't to old to play a robot that isn't supposed to age. As a fan of the orginal franchise I can't help but be a little excited about his return. I'm not sure how the whole age factor will work, but it's Hollywood, and as ridiculous as it might be, they will find a way. 

As of right now there is no screenwriter attached to the project, and it seems like Fast Five director Justin Lin is still in the running to direct the film especially if it lands at Universal who is pushing his involvement. CAA talent agency has put the rights package together for The Terminator that went out to several studios today. According to Deadline Universal, Sony and Lionsgate are looking hard at the package. 

It will be cool to see where the movie lands and how the studio will go about rebuilding the franchise. Hopefully they move forward without any connection to Terminator Salvation. I think the fans would appreciate that. 

What are your thought's an Arnold's return to The Terminator!?

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