Paul Walker to Produce and Star in new Thriller VEHICLE 19

Paul Walker seems to have been having problems getting a good sold acting gig lately. He's mostly known for his Fast and the Furious work, but hasn't really done much in-between, and the films he has made have been pretty weak. I think a couple of his best films include Running Scared and Joy Ride. So the actor is taking it into his own hands to create roles for himself. He will executive produce and star in a new indie thriller called Vehicle 19 that is set to be directed by South African filmmaker Mukunda Michael Dewil, who also wrote the script.

The story centers on an unsuspecting traveler played by Walker in a foreign country who picks up the wrong rental car and becomes tangled in a web of corruption by the local police. According to THR the script ended up on one of the lists that tracks best screenplays.

The film will start shooting in South Africa at the end of summer. I hope this movie works out for him, it sounds like it could make for an exciting movie. What do you think?

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