Will TERMINATOR 5 Bring Back All Original Cast Members?

So we've heard that the 60 something year old Arnold Schwarzenegger will "Be Back" for the fifth installment of the Terminator franchise, and today there's a little rumor going around that the Justin Lin project might bring back Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn as well.

Latino Review posted this exciting news that we'll check off as a rumor for now until further notice. But how cool would it be if the story was done right to see these old timers battle it out one more time. Hell, let's bring back Eddie Furlong and Robert Patrick too, let's get crazy kids! I'd even love to see Kristanna Loken return now! But for now the big rumor is the original cast members.

Is Skynet happy about this? Can we change the future, again? Will we get to see more cool robots? Will Arnie get some CG to cover up his wriinkles? Are we setting this in 2012? All these questions and so much more will be answered as we get further into this next installment in the robotic/apocalyptic franshise.  Any thoughts?

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