Recapping HORRORHOUND WEEKEND 2011, Indianapolis. It was non-stop FUN!

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HorrorHound Weekend 2011, Indy was the most postive and fun I've experienced to date and I've hit quite a few film fests and conventions in my day. I know one thing, they expected 14,000 horror fans and there were more than that. I don't know if there's a final head count yet. Like always, I thought I'd share a few pictures with you and let you a know a little of what went down. I'm proud to say GeekTyrant had a huge presence at this HorrorHound! I want to personally thank Nathan from HorrorHound for letting me be a part of this and Jason Hignite for putting this together and helping to make it happen!

First up, I can' t think of a better way to say "Welcome to HorrorHound Weekend" then have actress and friend Erica Soto standing in front of one of the HH banners!


Here's the cool Scream 4 mask we raffled off over the weekend and  YES, it is 1 of the 26 masks that were used in the new movie! This also goes out to the "same as you" poser, dude when you get asked to raffle off a Scream 4 mask from the movie, then we'll talk! Until then, don't waste my time! WE also gave away what seemed like a 1000 Scream 4 posters over the weekend and a few other cool goodies.


Next up is Darkrider Studios who  shot the cool photo ops with Sid Haigg who got into his Captain Spaulding character for the fans. If you need a cool photographer, look up Chris Jay and Darkrider Studios! The fans were lined up around several corners of the Mariott for these photo ops!


Of course I had to throw this one in! I got to hangout with Sid before and after HH! Heck, we even ate breakfast beside Sid and his agent!


Next up are The Boondock Saints, Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead), David Della Rocco, Sean Patrick Flanery (Saw: The Final Chapter) and my pal Kitsie Duncan from Darkrider Studios. No, I didn't get my picture with the guys becasue everything was just so busy but I'm glad our GeekTyrant girls did but I did get to buy the guys a Jack and Coke! I bought The Boondock Saints a Jack and freakin Coke after the Mushroomhead concert.

Actress, Screenwriter and pizza buddy Kelsey Zukowski with the guys.


Actress, super short producer and all around fun girl Heather Dorff and the guys.


My super ASSistant Christy DeBruler is the all around great girl and help beyond belief! She loves this stuff so I'm glad she and the other GeekTyrant girls got to help out with this weekend and these shoots!


Hanging with Mushroomhead all weekend! ALL WEEKEND!



On this trip I had Magnet Releasing sponsoring me and GeekTyrant and first up is horror icon and legend Ken Foree having some fun with one of the 100's of Magnet t's we were giving away. Ken is as cool as they come and a lot of fun to be around!


We gave a way so much Magnet swag! Here's a few pictures of the fans with the swag.



We also did some cool giveaways wit the cast and director from the upcoming Chromeskull: Laid To Rest 2. Rob Hall, Angelina Armani and Nick Principe are all cool as hell and I got sit in on the panel and see some cool secenes that you'll just have to wait for!  WE gave aways so many of these cool posters and have something cool waiting on all of you when the movie comes out! Bwahahaha!


Horror legend and icon Bill Moseley got to hangout a little before and after HH. 



This is a small shot of the GeekTyrant booth we set up. So much Magnet swag, movie posters and other cool stuff! Banners on the way!


Yes! There was a Killer Clown From Outerspace reunion!



That's Kristana Loken and me! Yep, the T-X from Terminator 3 is prettier in person and way cool plus she put up with me!


Getting asked to introduce the really cool movie Absentia from director Mike Flanagan was a cool experience! The movie has the one and only Doug Jones in it! Be sure to check this movie out when it's released later this year!


Also getting to see Raymond Did It get screened was kind of a personal reward for me since it was 1 of the 3 movies I helped get submitted to HorrorHound that screened. Congrats to Travis Legge and company on their cool film!


Ok, you get the point. It was a huge weekend and such a fun, postive experience! There was so much going on we didn't get to do everything or see everybody but that just sets it up for the next time, right! Thanks and I love all our peeps!


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