Incredible Fan-Made Fully Functional Mark V IRON MAN 2 Briefcase Armor Suit

This fan-made Mark V Iron Man briefcase armor from Iron Man II is incredibly freakin' awesome! It may not be fully automatic, but damn, it's impressive. The suit was created / built by Ryan Brooks, and it's "unique in it's ability to transform from a briefcase into the fully detailed and fully functional suit of armour, this endeavor was inspired by the Iron Man 2 movie." The suit itself was constructed with over 4000 LEGO Technic pieces and hundreds of pieces of hand-crafted armor.

Here's a video below showing you the functionality of the suit, and how it all comes together. watch it and tell us what you think!

Here's a full breakdown of the suit from it's creator:

This costume, as far as I can discern, has never been attempted before (as of March 2011).

This is the Iron Man Mark V Briefcase Armour inspired by the suit seen in Iron Man 2.

My suit is unique in that it transforms from a (slightly large, somewhat irregularly shaped) briefcase, into a fully-detailed, fully-functional suit of armour.

Below is a comprehensive description of all parts and materials required to build the suit, as well as detailed instructions on the methods involved.

- Over 4000 Lego Technic pieces
- 483 individual pieces of 0.080” high-impact polystyrene plastic armour (each individually heat formed by hand)
- 4 coats of RM brand automotive paint (Red: M8010C, Silver: M6352V) sealed with 3 coats of Car 2k URKI clear coat
- Clear Gorilla Super Glue
- 250 meters of 40lb. red fishing line
- 145 round neodymium magnets
- 7 meters of 1.5" wide black elastic strapping
- 10 sheets of black Fun Foam
- 2 meters of silver dryer hose
- 4 meters of silver seatbelt strapping
- 6 retractable reels (2 steel cable, 4 kevlar cord)
- 4 meters of 1/8" steel cable
- 40 1" steel mending plates
- black spandex faceless hood
- black spandex long-sleeve shirt and pants
- black lycra horse riding gloves
- 100 meters of heavy-duty black thread
- 2lbs. of oil-based clay
- 1 translucent plastic tomato-saver (bottom, for arc reactor)
- 1 Arduino Duemilanove microcontroller
- 1 Lithium Battery pack
- 3 4-AA battery holders
- 12 Energizer NiMH 2300mAh AA batteries
- 20 meters of 24 awg copper wire
- 36 8000mcd ultrabright white LEDs (22 in arc reactor, 6 per repulsor, 2 in the eyes)
- 36 68-ohm resistors
- 2 8-ohm speakers (for repulsors)
- 1 magnetic reed switch (to monitor mask position)
- 4 20k slide potentiometers (for monitoring wrist position)
- 2 1”x1” piece of PCB boards
- transparent-blue plastic (for eye lenses)

Arc Reactor Materials (sewn into shirt):
- 1 Arduino Lilypad
- 1 LilyPad LiPower power supply
- 3.7V 1000mAh Li-ion battery
- 9 Lilypad white LEDs
- conductive thread
- 3” clear plexiglass circle
- Foil tape

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