More Details on the new Video Game SPIDER-MAN: EDGE OF TIME

GameTyrantby Joey Paur

Last week Marvel and Activsion announced the new video game Spider-Man: Edge of Time. At the time is was revealed that the story of the game challenges the player to take on the roles of both classic Amazing Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099 to correct a timestream gone awry and prevent a catastrophic future brought on by the early and untimely death of Peter Parker. The game will also feature all-new "cause-and-effect" gameplay, where players will see how the immediate and sometimes unexpected effects of their actions as one Spider-Man changes the timeline of the other Spider-Man." Now that sounds pretty cool. 

We have some new story and gameplay details for the game that were revealed at WonderCon 2011, and it sound pretty cool. Here's a breakdown from IGN:

It seems an "evil scientist" in the 2099 world goes back in time to the Amazing Spider-Man time frame and kills Spidey. Spider-Man 2099 sees this, but it doesn't stop the world from going down a skewed path -- a trailer showed the Statue of Liberty in 2099 morphing into a sword-bearing woman as the timeline reacted to the death. 

Knowing how things were supposed to be, Spider-Man 2099 reaches back to Amazing Spider-Man (pre-death), and the duo starts to work together -- although they don't get along at first. How do these heroes separated by time communicate? Picture-in-picture. When we're playing as one Spidey, we'll see the other in the bottom ring corner of the screen. 

This partnership will have a bunch of time-bending effects. When we're playing as 2099 and Amazing knocks down a wall in his time, that wall's going to disappear in our time. One screenshot the panel showed was Amazing destroying a giant robot that was a prototype of the one 2099 was fighting in the future. When Amazing beats the prototype, the robot 2099 is fighting disappears. 

Although the game will have you jumping between the two Spider-Mans, it's a single-player endeavor. Spider-Man: Edge of Time also isn't a sequel to last year's Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. This is an original standalone story -- but it does borrow some of Shattered Dimensions' cast. Josh Keaton played Ultimate Spider-Man in Shattered Dimensions. Christopher Daniel Barnes was Noir Spider-Man in the last game and is 2099 in this one. 

This sounds like it's going to be a pretty freakin' awesome game! What do you all think?

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