Movie Trailer for the Indie Sci-Fi Film GLENN THE FLYING ROBOT

Here's an interesting trailer for an independent sci-fi drama called Glenn the Flying Robot, which was directed by Marc Goldstien and stars Billy Boyd (Lord of the Rings), Dominic Gould and Patrick Bauchau (2012). It actually doesn't look like a bad movie, unfortunately the special effects need a little work. A lot of these shots just aren't believable. There seems to be a lot of drama in the film, which is hard to take in when the SFX are distracting. 

Here's the Synopsis:

Henry and Jack are two famous and talented pianists: they are rivals and try to outdo each other in the various music events where they regularly compete. They have known each other since their days at the music academy and developed a very strong friendship. They met Lana there and Jack had an affair with her then. This friendship deteriorated along the years and Lana left Jack for Henry. Jack's resentment towards Henry will increase even further when he realizes that although his talent as a pianist is as great a talent as Henry's, he always ended up second... behind Henry. Simultaneously, Lana slowly realized that the only thing Henry cares about is his job. When she gets pregnant, he tells her he doesn't want the child and she leaves him, taking refuge with Jack who thus finds a way to get back at Henry. From that point, the former friends will clash with no mercy, from contest to contest until the day a domestic robot, GLENN, enters their lives. GLENN will jeopardize everybody and everything around them but will also lead them into the most challenging soul searching.

Watch the trailer for the film below and tell us what you think. The movie is avaibale for purchase on amazon.

Thanks to Isaac Alexander for the tip.

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