Warner Bros. Picks up a New Western Called WILD GUNS

Warner Bros. Pictures has picked up a new western genre movie spec from T.S. Nowlin called Wild Guns. If you've been reading the site for awhile then you already know that I'm a huge fan of the western genre, and I'm actually pretty happy that the industry isn't over saturated with them. These are films that need to be done right.

Wild Guns sounds like it's going to be pretty cool. It's described as having "shades of Tombstone and Sherlock Holmes, the story is set shortly after the Civil War and follows legendary gunslingers Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday. The duo team-up to rescue the daughter of Sitting Bull, who has been kidnapped by a powerful Shaman with mysterious powers who is terrorizing the Western plains."

If this movie gets a good script this could be awesome. But it can easily go the way of the horse crap as well. I am starting to see a new trend in Hollywood. Have you noticed they are taking real life historical figures and throwing them into fictional adventure stories? They are currently doing that with Edgar Allen Poe, Abraham Lincoln and Harry Houdini. I'm sure we'll be seeing more of these kids of films as well in the near future.

Gianni Nunnari is producing the film, and he's produced both Zack Snyder's 300 and the upcoming film Greek fantasy film Immortals. I liked 300 and Immortals is sounding awesome, so maybe this Wild West will turn out to be a decent movie. It seems like he would bring together a solid team to bring the movie to life. Nowlin also recently sold a spec script to Relativity called Columbus, a biopic about the Spanish explorer in which McG is attached to direct. 

What do you all think about this new western?

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