World Genre Film Festival Calendar for 2011

Movieby Joey Paur

For those of you who are looking for all of the genre film festivals that take place all over the world, here's a great calendar that gives us all of these genre film festivals in one place. The calendar was created by Isaac Alexander who was "tired of trying to find out when all these genre film festivals worldwide were taking place, and no where online to find them all." So this weekend he complied the following list for all of you:


Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival

Yubari, Japan Feb 24-28 2011


A Night of Horror International Film Festival

Sydney, Australia Mar 31-Apr 8, 2011


Golden Horse Fantastic Film Festival

Taipei, Taiwan Apr 1-10, 2011


Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival

Seoul, South Korea June 2011


Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival

Puchon, South Korea Jul 14 - 24 2011


Celludroid Film Festival

Cape Town, South Africa July 2011


Fantastic Planet: Sydney Science Fiction & Fantasy Film Festival

Sydney, Australia Oct 2011


Icon Fantastic Film Festival

Tel-Aviv, Israel Oct 2011


Korean International Science Fiction Film Festival

Gwacheon, South Korea Oct 2011


South African HorrorFest

Cape Town, South Africa Oct 2011


The X Fest

Cape Town, South Africa (date pending)


Busan International Film Festival: Midnight Passion

Busan, South Korea  Oct 6-14, 2011


Hello Darkness Film Festival

Melbourne, Australia Nov 2011


Indonesia International Fantastic Film Festival

Jakarta, Indonesia Nov 2011



Le Festival International du Film Fantastique de Gérardmer

Gérardmer, France January 26-31, 2011


Athens International Sci-Fi & Fantasy Film Festival

Athens, Greece March 10-16, 2011


Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival

Brussels, Belgium Apr 7-9 2011


IMAGINE: Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival

Amsterdam, The Netherlands Apr 13-23 2011


Sci-Fi-London: London International Festival of Science Fiction and Fantastic Film

London, UK Apr 23-May 2 2011


Haapsalu Horror & Fantasy Film Festival

Happsalu, Estonia Apr 29 - May 1, 2011


FANT, Fantasy Film Festival

Bilbao, Spain May 2-8, 2011


Dead by Dawn Horror Film Festival

Edinburgh, UK May 5-8, 2011


Weekend of Fear Film Festival 

Erlangen, Germany May 6-7, 2011


Festival de Cannes

Cannes, France May 11-22, 2011


Fanta Festival

Roma, Italy Jun 7-19


Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival

Neuchâtel, Switzerland Jul 1-9, 2011


CryptShow Festival 

Barcelona, Spain July 6-10, 2011


Grossmann Fantastic Film & Wine Festival

Ljutomer, Slovenia Jul 25 - 30 2011


Fantasy Film Nights

Berlin, Germany August 16-24, 2011


Espoo Ciné International Film Festival

Espoo, Finland Aug 19-28 2011



London, UK Aug 25 - 29 2011



Lisbon, Portugal Sep 7 - 11 2011


Riga International Fantasy Film Festival

Riga, Latvia Sep 10-18 2011


Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival

Strasbourg, France Sep 10-18, 2011


Lund International Fantastic Film Festival

Lund, Sweden Sep 22-Oct 1 2011


Grimm Up North!

Machester, UK Oct 2011


Horrorthon Film Festival

Dublin, Ireland Oct 2011


Mayhem Horror Fest

Nottingham, UK Oct 2011


Slash Film Festival 

Wien, Austria Oct 2011


Sitges - Festival Internacional de Cinema de Catalunya

Sitges, Spain Oct 6-16 2011 


The Golden Blasters Film Festival

Dublin, Ireland Oct 15-16, 2011


Celluloid Screams: Sheffield Horror Film Festival

Sheffield, UK Oct 21-23 2011


Razor Reel Fantastic Film Festival

Brugge, Belgium 29 Oct - 5 Nov 2011


San Sebastian Horror and Fantasy Film Festival

San Sebastian, Spain Oct 29 - Nov 4 2011


Black Nights Film Festival

Tallinn, Estonia Nov 2011


Utopiales - Festival International de Science-Fiction de Nantes

Nantes, France Nov 2011


Trieste International Science Fiction Film Festival

Trieste, Italy Nov 2011


Leeds International Film Festival: Fanomenon

Leeds, United Kingdom Nov 3-20 2011


Abertoir Horror Festival

Aberystwyth, Wales Nov 8 - 13 2011   


FanCine Málaga - Festival de Cine Fantástico

Malaga, Spain Nov 24 - Dec 1 2011




Evanston, Illinois January 28-29, 2011


Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival

Seattle, Washington Jan 28, 2011


Boston Sci-Fi

Boston, Massachusetts Feb 11-20


Indy Horror Film Festival

Dekalb, Illinois March 5, 2011


SXSW Midnighters & SXFantastic

Austin, Texas Mar 11-20, 2011


Boston Underground Film Festival

Boston, Massachusetts March 24-31, 2011


International Horror & Sci-Fi Film Festival

Scottsdale, Arizona Apr 1-6 2011



Asheville, North Carolina April 7-10, 2011


Calgary Underground Film Festival

Calgary, Alberta Apr 11-17, 2011


Philadelphia Cinefest! Danger After Dark

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Apr 7-14, 2011


Famous Monsters of Filmland: Imagi-Movies Film Festival

Los Angeles, California Apr 8-10, 2011


Tromadance Film Festival

New York, New York April 8-9, 2011 


The Science of Horror Film Festival

Brooklynn, New York May 13, 2011


Seattle International Film Festival: Midnight Adrenaline

Seattle, Washington May 19-Jun 12, 2011


Ohio 24 Hour Science Fiction Marathon

Columbus, Ohio May 21-22, 2011  


Phoenix Fear Film Festival

Phoenix, Arizona May 21, 2011


New York Asian Film Festival 

New York, New York June 2011


Another Hole in the Head 

San Francisco, California June 2nd-16th 2011


Pittsburgh Horror Film Festival

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Jun 3-5, 2011


Geek Film Festival

Miami, Florida Jul 1-4, 2011


QFest! Danger After Dark

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Jul 7-18, 2011


Fantastia Festival

Montreal, Canada Jul 14 - Aug 7 2011


Viscera Film Festival

Los Angeles, California July 17, 2011


Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival

San Diego, California Jul 21-24, 2011


Action On Film Festival

Pasedena, California  Jul 22-30, 2011 


Fright Night Film Festival

Louisville, Kentucky Jul 22-24, 2011


Renovation Independent/Fan Film Festival

Reno, NV. August 18, 2011


MACABRO Mexico City International Horror Film Festival

Mexico City, Mexico August 19-30, 20


Horrific Film Fest

San Antonio, Texas August 25-28, 2011


Dragon*Con Film Festival

Atlanta, Georgia Sep 2-5, 2011


Toronto International Film Festival: Midnight Madness

Toronto, Canada Sep 8-18, 2011


H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival

San Pedro, California Sep 16-17, 2011  


Maelstrom International Fantastic Film Festival

Seattle, Washington Sep 16-18, 2011


Fantastic Fest

Austin, USA Sep 22 - 29 2011


Tulsa International Film Festival: Nightmare Division

Tulsa, Oklahoma Sep 22-25, 2011


B Movie Celebration

Franklin, Indiana September 23-25, 2011


Chicago Horror Film Festival

Chicago, Illinois Sep 23-25, 2011


Morbido Film Festival

Mexico City, Mexico Oct 2011


Oklahoma Horror Film Festival

Tulsa, Oklahoma Oct 2011


Post Mortem Fest

Aguascalientes, México Oct 2011


Tri-City Independent/Fan Film Festival

Tri-Cities, WA  Oct 2011


Vampire Film Festival

New Orleans, Louisiana Oct 2011


Eerie Horror Film Festival

Eerie, Pennsylvania Oct 6-9, 2011  


Freak Show Horror Film Festival

Orlando, Florida Oct 7-9, 2011


Mile High Horror Film Festival

Denver, Colorado Oct 7-9, 2011


Dark Bridges Film Festival

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Oct 13-16, 2011


Royal Flush Festival

New York, New York Oct 13-17 2011


Spooky Movie - The Washington, D.C. International Horror Film Festival

Washington, D.C. Oct 13-16, 2011


Screamfest LA

Los Angeles, USA Oct 14 - 23 2011


Telluride Horror Show

Telluride, Colorado Oct 14-16, 2011


Toronto After Dark Film Festival

Toronto, Ontario Oct 20-27, 2011


Dark Carnival Film Festival

Bloomington, Indiana Oct 21-23, 2011


Thriller! Chiller!

Grand Rapids, Michigan Oct 21 - 23 2011


Midnight Black International Film Festival

Los Angeles, California Oct 27-31, 2011


Fear Fete Horror Film Festival 

New Orleans, Louisiana Oct 28-30, 2011


New Orleans Horror Film Festival

New Orleans, Louisiana Oct 28-30, 2011


Buffalo Screams Horror Film Festival

Buffalo, New York Nov 2011


Horrible Imaginings Film Festival

San Diego, California Nov 2011


Killer Film Fest

Boston, Massachusetts Nov 2011


Salty Horror Film Film Festival

Salt Lake City, Utah Nov 2011


Buried Alive Film Fest

Atlanta, Georgia Nov 10-13, 2011


ShockFest Film Festival

Hollywood, California November 12-13, 2011



Fantaspoa - International Fantastic Film Festival of Porto Alegre

Porto Alegre, Brazil July 1-17, 2011  



Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Jul 19-24, 2011 



São Paulo, Brazil Aug 29 - Sep 11, 2011


Buenos Aires Rojo

Sangre Buenos Aires, Argentina Oct 2011


FIXION-SARS, Festival de Cine Fantástico y de Terror de Santiago

Santiago, Chile Oct 2011


Montevideo Fantastico

Calonnes, Uruguay Oct 2011


Compiled by:

Isaac Alexander

Maelstrom International Fantastic Film Festival

Director of Publicity