Disney is Moving Forward with TRON 3

If you thought that Tron: Legacy was a failure and we wouldn't see another sequel, then you would be wrong. Disney is moving forward with a third Tron film, and director Joseph Kosinski is currently constructing the film with the original Tron: Legacy writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz

Here's a little bit of movie trivia for you, Joepsh Kosinski is now the highest-grossing first-time director of a live-action film in Hollywood history beating out J.J. Abrams' Mission Impossible III. Tron: Legacy made $399 million world wide taking out Abrams' $397.5 million for MI3. This is all before the DVD / blu-ray was released today. Tron: Legacy was made for aorund $165 million bucks so it made a decent profit in theaters, made a ton of money off merch, and will make even more with the Blu-ray release. Yes, Tron is a money maker. If you need further convincing... it made more money than Chris Nolan's Batman Begins ($373 million) and J.J. Abrams' Star Trek ($386 million). I didn't even realize how much money it made until I started seeing these comparisons. 

Of course when Disney sees green they are ready for more. So is looks like we will see a Tron 3. Kosinski set up a good amount of interesting elements in the first that will carry over for the sequel. I can only hope that the sequel is scripted a lot better, because Tron: Legacy's script could have used a lot of work. 

There's still no word on when Kosinksi will get around to directing it. He's currently attached to direct the remake of Black Hole for Disney, and he'll most likely direct his Oblivion film next, which Disney recently passed on "because its post-apocalyptic vision didn't fit the Disney family film mold, and attempts to make it PG was strangling Kosinski's vision." That film is now being shopped around to other studios. 

I'm actually really excited to see this Tron story continue, I had a blast watching the first film regardless of how bad the script was. It was just so visually stunning and exciting. 

The third Tron film has yet to be officially green lit, but right now the steps are being taken to get it to that point.

What are your thoughts on Disney tackling a third Tron movie?

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