Exclusive: Poster Art for the Horror Anthology PSYCHO STREET has been Unleashed!


Hey peeps! Another cool horror movie I'vve been keeping an eye on for sometime is this cool horror anthology I'm going to introduce you to along with the new poster art.  One thing I love is watching something special take its shape and form into something special and I think we have that here. Be sure to head over to Fango and watch the cool trailer for one of the stories, "Lewis" and to see a few images that were posted a few months back.

From the Press Release:

With the projected premiere of the Horror Anthology "PSYCHO STREET" coming around the corner ("Fright Night Film Fest in Louisville KY, July 22nd) Executive Producer, Marv Blauvelt released the Poster art-work (done by acredited Mid-west horror artist Chris Kuchta...check out his Gallery Of Horrors at www.horrorartist.com.....MUSCLE WOLF PRODUCTION'S worked with several prestigious Indie Production company's on all four segments of the film.....here is a brief synopsis of each:


"Come On Down" (the wrap-around)

On the surface, the small town of Kronanburg seems like a wonderful place to raise a family and to call "Home"....Just ask resident home-maker and mother Leyla Barker (Tiffany Shepis)....But Leyla, and Kronanburg, are not quite as "picture perfect" as they seem...as new neighbor, Aubrey Harris (Raine Brown) finds out when she pays Leyla a visit in search of her missing husband (Austin Dossey)....as Leyla gleefully tells bizarre and disturbing stories of past events that took place in Kronanburg, Aubrey becomes convinced that Leyla is far from the perfect home-maker and hostess....and that she may be hiding an unspeakable secret in her basement. "Come on Down" also stars Jared Degado, Jason Hignite and Kirk Chastain. and was co-produced by New Illusions Pictures (www.newillusionspictures.com) and Clockwerk Pictures and directed by Patrick Desmond and Arthur Cullipher.

Leyla's stories of Kronanburg include:


When Dr. Oliver Combs (Marv Blauvelt) decides to leave his stressful medical practice in LA to practice medicine at a small clinic in Kronanburg, he finds that he may have made the biggest mistake of his career...and his life. Awaiting him at the country medical clinic is boozing, pill popping Dr. Anthony Fixx (Carl Burrows) and exotic dancer-turned nurse Amber Lovejoy (Raine Brown) and an assortment of strange patients (Led by Alan Rowe Kelly and Susan Adriensen) with problems far more bizarre then anything he had ever encountered in L.A. "Hypochondriac" also stars David Gilkey, Jeremy Mulkey, Zoe Daelman Chlanda, Edward X. Young, Harry Dugan and Colleen Cohan and was co-produced by THR Productions and directed by Pete ("Sculpture") Jacelone. It was the first segment to be released and had a very successful 2010 festival run, being nominated for various awards and winning the Audience Choice award at the 2010 Philadelphia Terror Film Festival and Alan Rowe Kelly winning the Best Supporting Actor award at the 2010  Dark Carnival Film Festival.  

"No Rest For the Wicked"

Kronanburg resident,Avalon Tate (Raine Brown) is a single, depressed mother with a prescription drug addiction. When her true love Matt Bonacci suddenly re-appears in her life, she makes a drastic decision to assure that he stays in her life forever....a decision that will have haunting and drastic consequences for her and what she cherishes most! "No Rest for the Wicked" also stars Joe Zasso and Harry Dugan and was co-produced by Rainey Daze Creations and directed by Raine Brown, with Jeremiah Kipp as A.D. and Dominic Sivilli as director of photography. 


The year is 1978 and Amanda Reece (Deneen Melody) has decided to leave her cheating husband (Marv Blauvelt), and at the suggestion of her priest, Father Lennox (Jerry Murdock), take her young daughter (Taylor Metzger)  to a church retreat in the small town of Kronanburg. Greated by the mysterious Sister Louise (Susan Adriensen) and her strange "driver" (Nick Morano), Amanda immediately feels a sense of "Deja vu" with the town and her surroundings...and also a sense of impending doom and dread that manifest itself in horrible nightmares and visions....but are the visions real? And do the inhabitants of the small town of Kronanburg have a sinister, deadly plan for Amanda and her daughter? "Lewis" was co-produced by Tiny Core Pictures and directed by Anthony G. Sumner, with Eric Richter as director of photographer and Dominic Sivilli aiding the Tiny Core Pictures crew  in the shoot. The Clockwerks Creatures company worked on the SPFX and the film also stars Hollis Ireland, Steve Spaulding, Mike Watson, Nicole Watson, Jason Hignite, Michael Partipilo, Sara Kellett, Phyllis Monroe and many more.


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