Jason Reitman Talks About His New Film YOUNG ADULT


Jason Reitman was the keynote speaker at Wake Forest University's Reynolda Film Festival in Winston-Salem, North Carolina recently. In an interview with website It's Just Movies, the director provided a bit of insight as to the tone and feel of his next film, Young Adult.

Diablo Cody won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for Juno back in 2007, which Reitman - who was also Oscar-nominated as Best Director - helmed for Fox Searchlight. Young Adult reunites these two talents once again. Written by Diablo Cody, the story follows a young adult novelist (Charlize Theron) as she returns to her hometown, hoping to reconnect with her high school love interest (Patrick Wilson) who is now happily married with children.

Here's what Reitman had to say about "maybe the most unlikeable film he'll ever make":

“It’s not in a charming ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ kind of way but in a ‘Greenberg’ or ‘Rachel Getting Married’ kind of way. We had a screening of it recently and a girl in the focus group said, ‘I don’t know why Jason Reitman wants me to feel this way.’ So get ready for that fun! But don’t worry, ‘Juno’ is on DVD. You can always watch that afterward and feel good again.”

Sounds like this movie will have a bit more of that somber tone found in some of the more emotional scenes of his previous work, Up in the Air, as opposed to some glossy romantic comedy sheen we see so often from studio films these days.

Young Adult doesn't have a release date yet, but Paramount has control of the distribution, so we'll definitely see this one on the big screen some time soon.

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