Elf Ear Surgery, People are really doing this

Look, I'm a die hard fan of both Star Trek and The Lord of the Rings, but that doesn't mean I'm going to go out and get surgery to give me pointy ears like Spock or an elf, but that's what people are actually doing! It's not a simple operation to preform either, it's both painful and irreversible. This goes right along side people who get their tongue split in two to have a snake style tongue. I would never go through with this, but there are obviously people that will.

The surgery is preformed by a "body modification artist" from Tempe, AZ. He slices the top of the cartilage and then sews it back together in a point.

There's a lot of people out there who have an inner vision of themselves and they want to express that to the world around them. I'm very happy to be an artist that can provide that kind of work.

Of course a "real doctor" Dr. Arthur W. Perry had this to say,

The real risks are one - major deformity of the ear, which is very easy to have happen and two, infection of the ear, and if infection occurs, it can destroy the ear within days. It's very difficult and often it's not possible to fully reconstruct a nice-looking ear. 

Check out the news report covering this new body modification surgery below. Would you do something like this?

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