DOCTOR WHO Executive Producer Steven Moffat Rants About Internet Spoilers

An audio clip of Doctor Who lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat has surfaced in which he rants about fans who leak spoilers about episodes that have yet to air.  Prior to the premiere of the current season, press screenings took place, and the first two episodes were shown.  Everyone who attends such functions is supposed to refrain from spoilage, but apparently, one person couldn't resist posting plot points online, and Moffat says he hopes that person never watches the show again.

 Embedded below is a video on the matter that includes Moffat's comments.

On Twitter, Moffat commented on hearing himself:

"Finally heard my own rant. Grumpy sod. And what a boring, inflection free voice! It's like been told off by the shipping forecast."

When another Twitter user commented that Moffat shouldn't say shock is necessary for storytelling, Moffat replied:

"Agreed, but I had a mike stuck in my face in the middle of a party."

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