Zack Whedon adapting the Graphic Novel TALENT for the Big Screen

Zack Whedon (the brother of Joss Whedon) has been hired to adapt the graphic novel Talent by Christopher Golden and Tom Sniegoski for Universal Pictures. The studio has been sitting on this project for a long time, but they are obviously ready to movie forward with brining it to life. 

The story follows a professor who, after surviving a plane crash, finds he has inherited the abilities of the passengers who have died. A secret group hunts him down when he begins to use those abilities.

Whedon has worked on TV shows such as Deadwood, Fringe and Rubicon. He also worked on Dr. Horrible Sing-a-long Blog. This should be a great film project for Whedon to work on, especially for his first feature film. For those of you unfamiliar with the comic, here's a little more information on the story.

college professor, Nicholas Dane is the only survivor of flight 654, a plane that crashes into the sea and kills the crew and 148 other passengers. Unable to account for how he was able to survive underwater for 12 hours, he is suspected of involvement in the incident. Fleeing as a fugitive, Dane find that he now possesses the talents of the other passengers and crew and must evade members of a shadowy conspiracy out to get him.

This sounds like an interesting story that could end up being a fun movie. There's a rumor floating around that Tom Cruise could be the potential star of the film.


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