First Review of TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON has Hit the Net

Movie Transformers by Joey Paur

Transformers: Dark of the Moon doesn't look like anything special to me. To be honest it doesn't look any better than the last two. Of course I always thought it would be a fun action-packed exciting movie to watch, but I just imagined that the script, story and dialogue didn't get any better. According to a review that's been written up for the film... I'm wrong in thinking this. The review of the film was written by Capone over at AICN, who says that this is the best Transformers film in the series. The review contains a bunch of plot details and character info, so be warned there are spoilers in the full review. 

Here's are a few things that were said in the review, that got me a little more pumped up to see this movie:

The first hour and a half of DARK OF THE MOON focuses primarily on story (with brief fight and chase sequences pepperd in), but it's actually a cool story about the Autobots finding out that the technology that was supposed to save their race and planet has been sitting on the moon the entire time they've been on earth and nobody bothered to tell them; Optimus Prime is not amused.

It was in the final hour of this TRANSFORMERS chapter that I simply forgot to breathe; there isn't a spare second to do so. For a solid hour, Bay and his CGI-created robot buddies decimate Chicago. And I won’t lie: seeing it so realistically and utterly leveled was almost more than I could handle.

The clever script manages to find new ways to place Transformers into world events.

I have to admit, I'm genuinely surprised what a strong effort this film is, not just in terms of its scope, but also in its pacing, performances, and ideas. This one dares to go dark from time to time, and that helped me find the often-lacking component of many Bay films: emotion. You probably won't shed any tears watching DARK OF THE MOON, but you will care when certain lives are lost or in peril. This one might actually rock you a little to your foundation; get excited about that. The summer keeps getting incrementally better from where I'm sitting.

After reading this review, I am a lot more excited about seeing the movie. This review makes it sounds like it's going to be epically awesome. To read the full review click here, and let us know what you think. Did it help build some more excitement for you?

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