Paul Feig developing romantic comedy for BRIDESMAIDS' Melissa McCarthy

Bridesmaids had a strong opening weekend taking in $24.4 million, which was higher than many expected. Paul Feig is currently developing a romantic comedy that would star Melissa McCarthy (Bridesmaids, TV's Mike & Molly). While Wiig is great as usual, McCarthy is what made Bridesmaids for me, so this news is no surprise to me. 

Feig made the following statement to EW. “If an actress like Melissa becomes a huge star? THAT is a world I want to live in.” Feig should be fairly happy because it looks as though McCarthy's trajectory is on the right course. 

According to Deadline, McCarthy and Annie Mumolo have sold an untitled comedy pitch to Paramount. The story reportedly is about an ill husband and his wife and group of friends (presumably women) piling into a minivan to steal the Stanley Cup since the doctors seem to be out of curable ideas for the ailing man. McCarthy's husband, Ben Falcone, came up with the concept as a starring vehicle for his wife. Falcone plays the Air Marshall in Bridesmaids, which was one of the best sequences in the film.

The Feig project could the same one mentioned above, but they do sound different. I am hopeful that there are two comedic films on the horizon starring McCarthy. Feig has a couple other projects on this plate. He's developing a comedy project for Jon Hamm, who also stars in Bridesmaids.

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