Geek Art: Fun EMPIRE STRIKES BACK Art from Scott Morse

Here's a very cool collection of Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back Geek Art from artist Scott Morse. Morse shares a blog with artist Skottie Young, and they both have created some really cool stuff. You should check it out!

Over on the far side of Hoth there lived another Wampa, who discovered one of the other Imperial Probe Droids, and it was love at first sight. I like thinking of this guy as a kind of snowy Totoro. The probot doesn't like the thought of him at all.

I love how dog-like these things are begging to be. And I love the idea of Snow Troopers being hurtled through the air.

You know the rebels took these bad boys out for races. Han always won.

One of my favorite things about Chewie is how articulate his is with huge hairy mitts. I figure he was into model building as a hobby, especially being first mate and all. He'd set up little scenes and figure out the best moves.

I love this thing. I love that it's a big hand puppet. Watch out for the mynocks, though.

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