Stan Lee Reveals his Cameo in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN

Stan Lee was at Dallas Comic-Con 2011 and during a panel moderated by John Romita Jr. he was asked about the cameos that he does in the Marvel films and how he gets them, he is also asked what his favorite cameo is. He reveals that it's the one in Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man, and he went ahead and spilled the beans on what it is.

Would people consider this a spoiler? I wouldn't think so, but Lee does describe the scene that he's in and I guess that might be considered a spoiler to some of you, so I'll go ahead and throw up a *Spoiler Alert*, just so some of you don't get pissed off at me for not throwing one up. 

Check out the video below and find out what his cameo in The Amazing Spider-Man is. I've also posted a little description below the video for those who can't watch it. 

Lee will be a librarian stamping books, wearing headphones listening to music and dancing. The whole time Spider-Man and The Lizard are locked in a epic battle behind him, and he has no idea.


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