Movie trailer for A LITTLE HELP starring Jenna Fischer

MovieTrailerby Jim Napier

Here is the trailer for the indie comedy, A Little Help. The film was directed by Michael J. Weithorn and stars Jenna Fischer, Chris O'Donnell, Rob Benedict, Daniel Yelsky, Kim Coates, Brooke Smith, Lesley Ann Warren, Ron Leibman , Zach Page, Arden Myrin, Aida Turturro, Michelle Hurst, and more.


A LITTLE HELP is the story - funny, touching, sad, and real - of an ordinary person, engulfed by ordinary events, making an extraordinary emotional journey.

I am a huge fan of The Office and think Jenna Fischer is a great actress. I look forward to seeing her as a leading lady in more films. This movie looks like a perfect fit for her comedic timing. Check out the trailer below and share your thouhts!

A Little Help opens in theaters on June 24th.

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