Jessica Rabbit Art Collection


Robert Zemeckis gave birth to one of the best animated live action hybrid films ever back in 1988 with Roger Rabbit. That movie introduced us to Jessica Rabbit who many believe is one of the hottest cartoon characters ever created. Isn't it funny to think that there are people out in the world who are actually jealous of Roger Rabbit? Here's a collection of art that comes from various artists from around the web, check it out and tell us what you think!

The image above is from Tuyet Le Nguyen, the image below is from jaxpixeloo

Design by Paul Jaworski 

Design by Eireen

Design by Chikinrise

Design by Sakura Studio 

Design by ReiQ 

Design by Whatyawant

Design by Wendy Chew

Design by Tuyet Le Nguyen

Design by Meghan Murphy

Design by Maureen Seng 

Design by Zambi

Design by Diane Özdamar

Design by Chikinrise

Design by Dennis Budd

Design by Khary Randolph 

Design by Arie Monroe

Design by Jeffery Scott Campbell 

Design by Pandoras Pride

Design by Siya