8 Inspiring I AM CAPTAIN AMERICA Themed Variant Cover Art for Marvel

ArtComic Book Marvel by Joey Paur

There is a little Captain America in all of us. Marvel Comics has released a wonderful collection of variant cover art for several of their upcoming comic books being released in July as a way to promote the upcoming Captain America film. The theme of these variant comic book covers is I Am Captain America. The covers were done by several different comic-book artists, and each cover depicts the real-world American heroes. Each image includes a recognizable image from Captain America. Check out the cover art and hit us up with your thoughts!

The image above was created by Pixar story artist Bobby Rubio (Incredible Hulks 632), and features a kindergarten teacher reading to kids. The image directly below was created by Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada. It shows us a firefighter in the heat of the moment for Wolverine issue 12.

A patriotic truck driver by Ed McGuinness and Chris Sotomayor (Astonishing X-Men 40)

Little League pitcher staring down an opposing batter by Austin Madison (New Mutants 27)

One soldier saving another's life while under fire, illustrated by Greg Horn (X-Men 14)

A Navy SEAL during an underwater mission by Chris Stevens and Justin Ponsor (Uncanny X-Force 12)

Rodin Esquejo's figure skater in the middle of a championship performance (Iron Man 2.0 7)

A dramatic rendering of a Paralympic athlete by Larry Stroman, Allen Martinez and Frank Martin (X-Factor 222)

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