Activision Unveils COD Social Network

"I don't see any walls where you can post how much of a n00b someone is though..."

Have you ever ended a round of team death match and thought to yourself amidst the swearing and insults of the post game lobby, "Wow, I really wish I could interact with these guys every day!"? If you have, then does Activision have a product for you!

This is Call of Duty Elite, the first social gaming site for hardcore Call of Duty fans to interact, track stats, and show who is truly the greatest to play the game.

On their page, players will have their stats posted in online play (KDR, W/L%, CCR) and a level calculator showing the progress made towards milestones. Players will also be able to join leagues, compete in weekly contests for prizes, and finally see in statistic and undeniable proof who is truly the best.

Excited yet? Better question, excited enough to pay for it? Activision has not named a price yet, but has announced that they intend to charge some fee for subscription to the site along with the added bonus of "members get free DLC" promise.

The service is set to be in beta for Black Ops players sometime in the near future, and is also set to be compatible with the newly announced Modern Warfare 3 in the fall.

Innovative? Ignorant? Make it known in the comments below.

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