Duff Beer Exists!

RantTV by Joey Paur

You all know Duff Beer as the popular beverage of choice for Homer Simpson. Apparently Duff Beer actually exists, and the bootleg beer is quite popular in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Chile, which is where you will have to get one, because those are the only places it's available. 

Fox has never licensed the beverage in the United States. According to several reports, Simpsons’ creator Matt Groening fears that bringing Duff into the real world would be tantamount to pushing alcohol on minors.

The Duff dearth north of the border has only made fans more desperate. Online message boards buzz about where to find Duff. On eBay, an empty bottle of Duff beer from Argentina sells for $14.99; a decal off the Colombian product is being offered for $8.99.

At Rock Garden, a bar in Bogotá, Duff commands import prices — about $5.50 a bottle — even though it’s brewed in the nearby city of Medellin.

The beer is produced in Chile by Duff Sudamerica, and they hope to sell $750,000 worth of the beer this year alone. That's if Fox and Matt Groening, don't sue them first. 

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