School Suspends Two Students for Having A Fake LIGHTSABER Duel!

Graduation is something that no one should miss if they have earned the right to do so.  However, for two Westfield High School students, this is not the case.
Tom Costello and Ryan Angco decided that they would have a Lightsaber Duel at school during lunchtime.  The performance went so well that they received a standing ovation.  Apparently Principle Raymond Broderick was not impressed with the duo's skills.  He gave them a 10 day suspension, which spans over their graduation.
This story has been circulating on the web for the last week.  I just can't believe that this Principle would take away walking across the stage from these boys.  I do not think that the punishment matches the crime.  This is what Broderick has to say for himself:
They very easily could have hit another student,
They could have started something different, someone  could have gotten hurt and it was just a disruptive situation and they understand it's not acceptable
If you are as disgusted by this situation as I am, a Facebook page has been made to support Tom and Ryan's fight to graduate.  Unfortunately, people in this country are so scared that they  are going to be sued, that they lose rational thought.  No one was hurt in their performance and it was not done in malice.  I just don't see what the problem is.  Let us know what you think.
McMurphy Out!

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