Nicole Kidman circling OUR WILD LIFE to be directed by Phillip Noyce

Nicole Kidman may get close to elephants in Our Wild Life. According to The Wrap, Kidman has read and liked the script but "she is currently not attached." The film is being directed by Phillip Noyce based on a script by Jeff Stockwell. Our Wild Life has been compared to films like Out of Africa and Born Free and is "a sweeping drama about Dame Daphne Sheldrick, a Kenyan wildlife conservationist renowned for her work with elephants."

Sheldrick's husband, David, was "the founder and warden of Kenya's giant Tsavo National Park. After his death in 1977, he has lived and worked in the Nairobi National Park. Sheldrick, who's now 76, spent much of her life protecting elephants from war and poaching. After perfecting a milk formula for baby elephants and rhinos, she hand-reared more than 70 elephants and helped rescue other aniamls stolen from Botswana for brutal "training" in South Africa." Sheldrick has been featured in the 3D IMAX film Born to Be Wild. She is the author of four books and the subject of a BBC documentary, "Elephant Diaries."

Noyce directed such films as Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger, and most recently Salt starring Angelina Jolie. Kidman worked with Noyce on 1989's Dead Calm.  Our Wild Life is close to gaining distribution, according to sources. The films budget is expected to surpass $50 million and is being produced by Mandalay Pictures' Peter Guber, Chuck Pacheco and Cathy Schulman.

At one point, Nick Cassavetes was attached to direct, but was let go. Cassavetes sued New Line, but dropped the lawsuit. Since then, Walter Salles was reportedly in negotiations to direct. The producers expect the movie to  begin shooting in September.

This is a departure for Noyce, his best films have been action and suspense. He is a solid director. Kidman on the other hand works better in dramatic roles, so this could be a great fit if she signs on to star. What are your thoughts on this news?

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