Bill Murray confirmed to Play FDR in HYDE PARK ON HUDSON

Bill Murray is officially set to play Franklin D. Roosevelt in a new historical drama called Hyde Park on Hudson, which is based on a British radio play by Richard Nelson. The story is set in 1939 and follows the visit of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth to President Roosevelt's upstate New York home, which was called... wait for it... Hyde Park on Hudson. This meeting took place the summer before World War II started. It was also during this weekend visit that details of FDR's private life begin to unfold, including his affair with his distant cousin Daisy.

Notting Hill director Roger Michell is set to direct the movie, from a script written by Richard Nelson. This should be a fantastic role for Murray, who is quite an incredible and funny actor. This seems like one of those movies and roles that could earn him an Oscar nomination. What do you think?

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