MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 4 Loaded with Brad Bird's Signature Style

Brad Bird is hard at work on Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, trying to give us another great M:I film. This will be the fourth time we Tom Cruise hit the big screen as Ethan Hunt. I had very little interest in this film project until Brad Bird was brought on board to direct it. This is the man behind three of my favorite animated films of all time The Iron Giant, The Incredibles and Ratatouilli

This Ghost Protocol will be Bird's first live-action movie, and I'm extremely excited to see what he does with the story and these characters. Producer J.J. Abrams seems to love what he's done with, and in a recent interview he explains that the film is loaded with Bird's signature directing style saying, 

I couldn't be more excited about that. Not only is the movie coming along, but what I've seen is kind of unbelievable… It's so weird to watch scenes for a movie by a director that feels so of that director's style, and yet you realize you've never ever seen a live-action film by that director. You watch moments where you go, That's so Brad Bird!' And then you realize, oh, it's so weird to have seen a Brad Bird moment with actual flesh and blood actors.

That's so awesome to hear! Abrams continues,

He's a filmmaker who has happened to use animation as a medium, but it's his filmmaking and his characters and his rhythm and his comedy, the action he can do, it's just the humanity that he's done that comes through in movies that have happened to be animated. Seeing that kind of nuance in a movie with people is just, I'm just so thrilled to be a part of it all. I haven't seen the whole thing, but what I have seen is sort of mind-blowing.

I was already excited about the movie, but after hearing this I am very anxious to see what this new Mission: Impossible movie going experience is going to be like. If Abrams is blown away by it then chance are we will be as well. 

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