Aaron Eckhart and Neil LaBute team up again for THE GEOGRAPHY OF HOPE

Aaron Eckhart and writer/director Neil LaBute are teaming up once again for a new film project called The Geography of Hope. The two talents went to college together at BYU and both worked together on the film In the Company of Men, and a few other dark humor indie films such as Your Friends and Neighbors and The Shape of Things. These are some pretty interesting films, especially from a couple of guys that went to BYU. 

The two haven't worked together in a while. Labute went on to direct films such as Nurse Betty, Lakeview Terrace, and Death at a Funeral. Eckhart went on to star in a bunch of films that include The Dark Knight Returns and Battle: Los Angeles.

Ed Harris will join the duo in the film that takes place in the 1970's about "two crooks (Eckhart and Harris) flee to Baja, Mexico, after a robbery in a San Diego convenience store goes bad. There they encounter several American women, and they find themselves torn between the impulse to grift the ladies and romance them."

The film will most likely shoot later this year in Puerto Rico. 

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