Animated STAR WARS Neon Sign Art

Here are three creative animated neon Star Wars signs created by Mr. Whaite. These are all pretty cool, and I've included a note from the artist for each one. The last one is my favorite.

“Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope.”

An animated neon poster for the original Star Wars film - Episode IV: A New Hope. This is the key moment when Luke discovers his call to adventure and the hero’s journey begins.

There are so many classic scenes in The Empire Strikes Back - which one to choose when designing a neon poster?

The Luke/Vader fight seems like an obvious choice, but I was always impressed by the AT-AT Walkers - great stop-motion animation and an ideal cyclic motion for neon. Also, it’s a suitable image to illustrate the Empire ‘striking back’.

A neon poster for Return of the Jedi.

As a kid, I assumed the returning Jedi was Luke, but it eventually dawned on me that the title could also refer to Darth Vader - turning against the dark side and destroying the Emperor. In this scene, he has to make the choice between good and evil.

C’mon Vader, make your mind up!