Richard Donner SUPERMAN Screening Q&A - Hero Complex Film Fest 2011

The Hero Complex Film Festival is currently underway in Hollywood CA, and I attended the screenings of Superman (1978) and Superman 2 (1980) on Saturday night. I’ve never seen them on the big screen before so that was a very cool experience for me. What was even more cool was that after the screening of Superman, director Richard Donner came up and did a great Q&A session. DC Entertainment’s Geoff Johns came up and did a little introduction for Donner before he came up. Once Donner was in the spotlight he talked about his experiences coming in and directing the classic Superman films. He tells a few great stories, talks about Christopher Reeve, working with Marlon Brando, and even retells the infamous Marlon Brando green suitcase story. He also gives some advise on making the new Superman film. For those of you who haven’t heard the green suitcase story it’s told in the interview below. It was really awesome to be there and listen to Donner talk about this classic movie experience. I recorded the Q&A, and you can watch the whole thing below. I hope you enjoy it.