Description of the New CAPTAIN AMERICA Trailer

While attending the Hero Complex Film Festival this weekend I got a chance to see a new full trailer for Joe Johnston's Captain America: The First Avenger, and it was awesome! There wasn't much new footage but there were a few very cool entertaining scenes that I absolutely loved, that show off more about the character Steve Rogers and the kind of person he is. The film goes deeper into telling the backstory of Steve Rogers where he came from and what he was like before he became Captain America. The screenwriters for the film talked about it before the trailer saying that a good chunk of the film will show us who Rodgers really is. This shows in the new trailer.

My favorite scene of the new trailer shows a moment set on the military bootcamp between character Col. Philips (Tommy Lee Jones) and Dr. Erskine (Stanley Tucci). Col. Philips says, “When you let a 90 pound athsmatic onto my base, I let it slide” Dr. Erskine  replies, “I am looking for qualities beyond the physical.” We are then shown a few shots of a scrawny Rodgers pushing through an obstacle course with everything he's got. You really feel sorry for the poor kid.

Then comes a the money moment when Jones gives his soldiers the ultimate test of bravery. He grabs a grenade and before pulling the pin says “You win wars with guts,” he throws the grenade on the ground in the middle of the soldiers in training. Everyone runs away from the grenade as fast as they can, everyone except skinny little Rogers who throws his body on top of it, sacrificing himself to protect the others. The grenade doesn't go off, Rogers looks up from the ground and says “Is this a test?” Col. Philips smiles and Jones looks surprised then turns to Col. Philips and says, “He’s still skinny.”

That scene gave me goosebumps, and I knew from there on out that this movie is going to be everything we want to see. As Erskine prepares Rogers to receive the serum, he warns him not to let it change the man he is; not just a soldier, but a good man. After the injection, Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) explains that Hydra is the Nazi deep science division. There is a lot more of Peggy in this new trailer, including her shooting down a hallway with a machine gun.

We also see a series of action-packed shots, many of which we've already seen in the other trailers and TV spots that have been released. There's a great new moment of Captain America throwing his shied at camera and a fun scene of the Red Skull asking Cap “What makes you so special?” to which Cap replies, “Nothin’. I’m just a kid from Brooklyn.”

I'm not sure when the trailer will be released, but when it is we'll make sure and get it up for you to watch. The trailer did a great job of getting me excited, and showed the spirit that this movie is going to have. I have to say, I think Joe Johnston nailed this film. 

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