Scientists Reveal The Mutants in All of Us

Rant X-Men by Mick Joest


Okay so maybe we aren't blue, adamantium clad, mind bullet shooting members of the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning...but we are all mutants according to scientists today. In fact from parents to child, about 60 new mutations occur in our genetic code, sometimes more from the father, and sometimes more from the mother, but never equal.

Co leader of the project Phillip Awadalla of the University of Montreal geeks out in a manner most profound below...

“Today, we have been able to test previous theories through new developments in experimental technologies and our analytical algorithms. This has allowed us to find these new mutations, which are like very small needles in a very large haystack.”

Researchers and professors (hopefully of the bald and telepathic variety) talk about the endless possibilities this new discovery has for the study of the human genome...but honestly all I can think about is how my descendent could possibly be the first (real) Iceman! What mutant abilities would you wish to pass on to your descendants? Comment below. 

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