Man Shows up to Work Wearing a Awesome Homemade Iron Man Mark 1 Suit

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This guy took casual Fridays in China to a whole new level of epicness. He actually showed up to work one day decked out in a full on home-made Iron Man Mark 1 suit, and the suit was actually pretty badass looking. It's seriously one of the best Iron Man costumes I've seen. I imagine some of his co-workers at the company he worked for were scarred shitless. 

'No colleagues knew my mission, and some of them froze there in seeing me approach,' he said.

'Some were even screaming for being scared.'

He began building the costume at the end of February and it took him around three months to complete, at a cost of around $450.

But Wang said the effort had been well worth it - with his costume drawing praise from his bosses and compliments from women.

He claimed some had even 'fallen in love' with him because of it.


'They said I am a happy and creative man, and they wanted to know me,' he said.

Wow, so this guy shows up to work in this outfit, gets praised by his bosses and worshipped by women. Is that all it takes? I wish I would have known that a long time ago. Hopefully he didn't have to go to the bathroom all day. Here's a video showing you how it all went down. 

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