BOILER ROOM'S Ben Younger writing car-racing adventure at Warner Bros.

Ben Younger (Boiler Room) has been hired to write an untitled car-racing adventure for for Warner Bros. and producers Jennifer Fox and Polly Johnson, according to THR. Younger has been passionate about racing since Ben Affleck gave him a motorcycle after directing him in Boiler Room. Funnily enough, Younger crashed the bike, but has had a passion for racing ever since. 

The deal came to be after Younger spoke with Warners exec Jon Berg about his passion project, the racing drama Isle of Man. Berg thought Younger would be a good fit for a biopic about racing legend, Ayrton Senna, then titled Formula One. He has since been recrafting the story using John Frankenheimer's Grand Prix as a starting point. The film is now planned as an "adventure set in the modern racing world, without the cliches of pics like Days of Thunder." 

The project has a budget of $150 million, which has allowed Younger to dream big. He goes on to talk about the project and why he thinks racing films are popular:

“I think the people are drawn to the autheniticy of real racecraft, whether it’s Formula One or the rally racing. It’s so physical and so real when you compare to everything else now whehther you’re downloading apps or playing video games. Everything is so removed but this is still so visceral, so dangerous, so real."

Sounds like an interesting project. I really enjoy racing films, but surprisingly I am not a fan of Nascar. I loved Boiler Room. What are your thoughts on this news?

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