New Poster for Ryan Kwanten's Movie GRIFF THE INVISIBLE!

Fandango  premiered the new poster for Griff the Invisible today.  An film coming to us out of Australia which stars Ryan Kwanten (True Blood).   To be honest with you all, I hadn't heard about  this film until today, however, it seems like a movie I could enjoy.  Here is the synopsis of the movie, provided by Fandango:
A would-be superhero meets his soul mate in this quirky comedy-drama from Australia. Griff (Ryan Kwanten) spends his days working in an office, where he fields customer complaints and dodges Tony (Toby Schmitz), an obnoxious co-worker who enjoys making awkward Griff the butt of his mean-spirited jokes. But what Tony doesn't know is Griff has a rich secret life as an invisible crime-fighter who patrols the city defending the innocent. Of course, the few who know about Griff's other identity are convinced he's deeply delusional, and his brother Tim (Patrick Brammall) has even moved into the neighborhood to keep an eye on him in case Griff seriously hurts himself in the midst of his exploits. But when Griff meets Melody (Maeve Dermody), he thinks he's finally discovered someone who understands him; Melody is a student of quantum physics and believes that people should be able to pass through solid barriers if the circumstances are right. Together, can these gentle eccentrics find love, or are they too much of a danger to themselves? 
Let us know what you think.
McMurphy Out!

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