Fun STAR TREK Spoof Web-Series - Transolar Galactica

Here's an entertaining Star Trek spoof web-series called Transolar Galactica. The comedy shorts are actually pretty well made for fan-made films. The effects are good, and it's funny. I love the overuse of lens flares. The web-series was developed Adam Harum, watch the videos below and tell us what you think!

Transolar Galactica - Episode 1: Second Star

In deep space one man flies alone... with his crew. Witness adventure, feel excitement, taste destiny, blast off, and hang on... It's Transolar Galactica.


Transolar Galactica - Episode 2: Them Aboard

When an emergency falls upon the scout party lost on Canyon World: VI, only Petty Officer McCall has the power to save them...

Thanks to GT reader Smitty for the tip!

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