Open Discussion: GREEN LANTERN - What Did You Think?

As many of you already know Green Lantern has been getting slammed by critics and the majority of reviews have been negative, even some of the fanboys and fangirls have been trashing it. I have yet to see the movie, but I want to know what our readers thought about it before I go out and watch it. I just want to see what the true hardcore geeks have to say, after all you are the audience that matters. Did you like, love, hate, and why?

I don't care if you go into spoilers, so if there are any specific scenes that you liked or hated that you want to talk about go ahead and talk about it. I honestly feel I've already seen most of the movie from all the film clips, trailers, and TV spots that have been released anyway.

Before you get into it, you should know that regardless of the terrible reviews, as of right now I'm still excited to see the movie.

OK... let 'er rip!