Danny Elfman re-teams with Sam Raimi to score OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL

Danny Elfman is set to score Sam Raimi's upcoming film, Oz The Great and Powerful. The two worked together on four films, but had a falling out after Spider-Man 2 and have not worked together since. Christopher Young scored both Spider-Man 3 and Drag Me To Hell, but it looks as though things may change.

Here is a little recap of the falling in from an interview Elfman did with CHUD in 2005 (via Total Film). He revealed that working on Spider-Man 2 was a miserable experience, and went on to say:

"It’s like my connection with Sam got completely severed. As far as I’m concerned, he went to sleep, somebody put a pod next to him and when he awoke, he wasn’t the same person I’d known for a decade. He went from right there number two on my list of favourite directors to the exact opposite of what I look for in a film experience. Everything I could do on ‘Spider-Man 1,’ I couldn’t do on ‘Spider-Man 2.‘He got so intensely attached to the music that I couldn’t even adapt my own music close enough…It’s the first time I’ve ever walked from a director in 20 years. I’d rather go back to waiting tables than to do ‘Spider-Man 2’ again, to have to have the same experience.”

Despite those harsh words, Elfman and Raimi look as though they have made up. The news of this deal comes from an interview that the Film Music Reporter found at the Grammy Museum in L.A. In the interview, Elfman said, “I’m not going to say no to ... Sam.” Oz sounds like a perfect film for Elfman to score, so this is great news. The film will star James Franco, Rachel Weisz, Michelle Williams, Mila Kunis and Zach Braff. 

This is going to be a busy year for the composter who also workd on Real Steel, Tim Burton'Frankenweenie and Dark Shadows, as well as Men in Black 3. He also revealed that he's in talks to compose the score for Gary Ross's The Hunger Games adaptation. Elfamn had this to say about the negotiations: “That deal’s not even closed, it may not even happen, but we’re well along with that,” but he seems keen to do it, calling it “different—and different catches my attention in a way that’s like, ‘Oh, I can’t ever pass up a chance to do something different.’”

Elfman is a great composer and I am excited to see him involved with this project and some of his upcoming projects. What are your thoughts on this news?

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