Amazing Disney Music Video Remix - BLOOM

Video editor Pogo has created another great music video remix, this time he uses the animated films of Disney to create it. He used video and audio sources from films such as AladdinSleeping Beauty, Peter PanMary PoppinsThe Little Mermaid, and Snow White. Here's what Pogo had to say on his YouTube page,

This is the video for my track ‘Bloom’, a patchwork of vocals and musical chords from various Disney films. I recorded the harp sample from ‘Sleeping Beauty’, and a series of chords from ‘A.I: Artificial Intelligence’ to form the base of the chorus. The vocals are sampled from Disney films, each of which are illustrated in this video.

I used Adobe Audition to record my samples, FLStudio to arrange them, and Sony Vegas to create the video for the track.

The Bloom Disney remix turned out to be pretty cool. It's awesome that he can find such a cool mix among all of these movies. Watch and listen to it below, and tell us what you thought!