Andrew Garfield talks about filming THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN

Andrew Garfield was at the Maui Film Festival over the weekend, where he was honored with the Shining Star Award. While there he spoke to E Online about what it was like playing Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man. The much anticipated film took seven months to shoot and Garfield revealed a bit about what it was like on the set:

"It was so long, man. It's crazy. I feel like I lost a sense of myself for awhile...It was very hard work. I worked my butt off."

He went on to talk about what it was like to wear the skin-tight Spidey suit:

"I saw it before that image was going to be released. [Director Marc Webb] slipped me a little copy of it. I had to catch my breath a little. It was very very exciting. It was surreal."

He jokingly talked about the impending fan explosion once the film is released:

"I can be smoking a cigarette in a Spider-Man costume looking at the camera for two hours and going, 'I'm Spider-Man' and people will still want to see it because it's Spider-Man." 

Check out the video interview below:

Marc Webb's take on The Amazing Spider-Man will be the best version to date in my opinion. I am very excited to see this film when it arrives in theaters. What are your thoughts?

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