Ron Howard and David Koepp join forces on live-action SPY VS. SPY feature

Ron Howard is set to direct a live-action version Mad Magazine's Spy Vs. Spy comic. Deadline reports that the project is being produced by Howard, David Koepp and his Imagine partner Brian Grazer for Warner Bros. The film is described as "a physical and highly visual action comedy with two spies going mano a mano in ruthless fashion." The script will be written by John Kamps, who worked with Koepp on Premium Rush, the Sony Pictures. Koepp also recently rewrote the Jack Ryan film for Paramount Pictures. 

Howard will be tied up with other projects for the near future, so this will be a future project. He is working with Grazer and Akiva Goldsman on The Dark Tower script rewrites for the next couple of weeks in hopes to have the project funded by Universal. The Dark Tower is slated for early next year at Universal or another studio. The project will take place over the course of three films and two TV series so there will be some time for him to pursue other projects. He recently was considering taking on the Somali pirate picture starring Tom Hanks as Captain Richard Phillips, but that went to Paul Greengrass. There have been rumors for his involvement on 20th Century Fox's Frankenstein project, which Max Landis is writing for producer John Davis. Howard may be gassing up for Rush, the Peter Morgan-scripted film about Formula one racer Niki Lauda. Rush would happen as soon as the fall if it ends up happening.  

I am excited for any project that Howard brings to the screen. It is amazing to see how his career has progressed from Happy Days to director. Spy Vs. Spy is the least exciting project as far as I am concerned. What are your thoughts?

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