GREEN LANTERN sequel still in the works despite disappointing box office

Green Lantern has been getting mostly bad reviews from critics, while fan reviews have tended to be a bit nicer (our review). Those reviews have definitely hurt the superhero film, but not enough for Warner Bros. to abandon plans for a sequel. THR is reporting that the studio is already planning a sequel and that they still believe in the franchise despite being “somewhat disappointed” with the box office results.

The film dropped 66% at the domestic box office, grossing $18.4 million for a cume of $89.3 million. Dan Fellman WB president of domestic distribution stated that the film is still settling in, noting that fanboy pics often see a significant drop-off in their second weekends. This is true, but Thor dropped 47% in its second weekend, while X-Men: First Class dropped 56%. When Hulk was released it dropped nearly 70% in its second week.

Green Lantern cost $200 million to produce, not to mention what was reportedly one of the most expensive marketing campaigns ever. With July being the end of Harry Potter, the studio is willing to invest big in Green Lantern. Transformers: Dark of the Moon will be blowing out all of the competition next week.

I enjoyed Green Lantern, it was a great introduction for me to characters. There were many flaws, but it was an enjoyable movie going experience. I think that a sequel is imperative for audiences to see where the story goes. What are your thoughts?

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