Hawkeye Stuntman Gets Scalped on the set of THE AVENGERS

While shooting The Avengers a stunt went terribly wrong when Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye stuntman Jeremy Fitzgerald fell 30 feet and took a chunk of skin a hair off his scalp. 

The stuntman told TMZ that his job was simple... "get hit with an arrow and fall 30 feet off a building ... but he caught his foot on the way down, and slammed his head into the brick ... leaving behind a freshly peeled slab of scalp." It could have been worse, apparently he "narrowly missed a razor sharp rain gutter during the accident."

Jeremy then told TMZ that he "went right back to work after the fall ... no hospital, no stitches ... just a bandage." The guys gotta be some kind of a badass to want to go right back to work after an accident like this. At least he his head wasn't taken off in the fall. 

Head on over to TMZ to see the full bloody picture. I'll admit, I was expecting something a little worse when I first saw it, but it's still bad. 

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