The Wachowskis preparing to launch into JUPITER RISING?

It looks as though The Wachowskis may have found their next directing project. Twitch is reporting that they are moving ahead with a project titled Jupiter Rising at Warner Bros. They are currently serving as producers on an adapotation of The Cloud Atlas with Tom Twyker directing. In addition, there is talks that they are working on a new spin on the story of Robin Hood as well as a interesting project titled Cobalt Neutral Nine. 

It looks as thought Jupiter Rising could be taking priority at this time. The project is reportedly being prepped as quickly as possible. As you can expect, there are no details available at this time. Their projects are typically long gestating ones, they took five years between the final Matrix film and Speed Racer. I am hopeful that both Cloud Atlas and this film are as cool as the first Matrix film was.

What are your thoughts?

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