TOY STORY 4 is in Development According to Tom Hanks

We were all told and made to believe that Toy Story 3 would be the last Toy Story film in the franchise. Then it was announced there would be a series of shorts with our favorite franchise characters. Now apparently Tom Hanks just let it slip during a BBC early show promoting his next film Larry Crowne that he thinks a Toy Story 4 is going to happening. After pushed a little further he went on to say that Pixar is currently working on it. 

I would think that if anyone knew if we would get a Toy Story 4 it would be Tom Hanks. This really doesn't surprise me, Pixar doesn't seem to have any problems with making sequels these days. With Cars 2 just coming out, Monsters Inc. 2 in development, and talk of a sequel to Incredibles. I wouldn't mind seeing sequels to Monsters Inc. or The Incredibles, but please... not another movie for Toy Story. One of the things that made the third one so special is that it would be the closing chapter in the franchise, but maybe Pixar and Disney just can't say no to the money that it will make. 

I imagine that if this actually happens it will be the first in a whole new series in Toy Story films. I kind of wish Pixar would just leave it alone. I don't mind seeing a fun short film every now and then to revisit the characters, but do you really need another Toy Story film? I thought the third one was just such a perfect ending to the franchise. What are your thoughts?

Hopefully we get a confirmation of denial of this sometime soon.

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