E3 2011: Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater For 3DS.

"Because sometimes, letting go of the one you love means you have to kill them." 

Once again Nintendo and Konami provides us with another port being brought to the 3DS, and I can't say I'm not as equally excited. Although there was knowledge of this release prior to E3, this is the first look at the game in action and I'm loving the new features, which include but of course (knowing Hideo Kojima) are not limited to a real time equip menu, a camouflage photography system, and inclusion of the gyroscopic sensor.

If you think I'm geeking out a bit too much about this, clearly you are unfamiliar with the immersive art that is a Hideo Kojima game (seriously these games are gonna be in art galas someday) and the fact that the last time he worked with Nintendo was for a Gamecube reboot of the Playstation MGS doesnt help. So check the video, sync your codecs, and La Li Lu Le Lo for it's release later in the year (hopefully November). Oh...and you're going to want to shoot those Yoshis.

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