Denzel to Star in a Will Smith Movie?

For anyone who knows about Hurricane Katrina, you know that those devastating couple of days in Louisiana brought tragedy and heartache to a lot of people.  However, it brought out the heroism in some.  That is what Will Smith’s The American Can is about.  

Here is the synopsis that I found on Vulture:

The script, by The Blind Side writer-director John Lee Hancock (who will also direct Can), follows the real-life harrowing ordeal suffered by the residents of the American Can apartment complex when the levees broke. Trapped by eleven feet of fetid water for two days, a six-foot-seven ex-Marine named John Keller stayed behind to ward off looters and help care for the dozens of aged or infirm residents who couldn’t evacuate. After spending two futile days trying to flag down help, Keller ultimately succeeded in getting desperately needed food, water, and medical supplies air-dropped onto the complex only after finally moving dozens of aged and infirm — and notably, white — residents onto the rooftop of American Can to catch rescuers' attention. (Their story was told in the documentary New Orleans: My Home, My Life, My Love.)

Originally, Smith wanted to play the part of Keller in this film, but, due to other engagements he will have to settle for a producing role.  Smith would like to cast Denzel Washington for the lead.  I can see that. Washington has the skill to pull off these big emotional roles.  Let us know what you think.

McMurphy Out! 

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