MoviePass offers unlimited movie tickets for $50 per month!

MovieTech by Jim Napier

Would you pay $50 a month to see an unlimited number of movies in the theater? MoviePass is a new company that hopes you will, they have just kicked off a private beta test of their service in San Francisco. The service is slated to branch out to other markets in the future. According to Mashable, MoviePass is currently building partnerships with the major online ticketing services, so if a theater is serviced by that ticketing provider, you can use your pass at that theater. 

As you might expect, MoviePass has an iPhone and Android app as well as a web app that allows you to buy tickets day-of-show from standard online ticketing companies like When you get to the theater, the app will give you the redemption code to pick up your tickets from a kiosk or ticket counter.

Here are some of the rules and regulations for the service:

  • Users are limited to seeing one movie per day. We understand this limitation, but it’s a bummer for those of us who like to see multiple movies on a rainy Saturday.
  • Users can only see a movie one time. If you want to re-watch Transformers 3 or another summer blockbuster, you’ll need to pay for your ticket.
  • Tickets are non-transferrable.
  • Tickets must be purchased the day of the show.
  • 3D and IMAX tickets will cost an additional $3. The user will just pay the difference in ticket price between 2D and 3D but can still purchase and pick up tickets the same way as with a regular 2D film.

Check out this video from the site describing the service further:

Going to the movies is my favorite thing to do. Growing up I would go to see a movie every Friday night and then as a teen would often see two movies a week depending on how much money I could beg my parents for. For me going to the theater is a fun experience, no matter how inconsiderate others can often be. I would love to buy a MoviePass. It will be interesting to see if they start having tiers of service for say 20 movies at a lower cost.

What are your thoughts?

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